Masonry Restoration

Schnell Contractors, Inc. are experts in all aspects of masonry restoration and masonry repair.

Masonry is among the most durable of historic building materials, but it is still susceptible to damage by improper maintenance or prolonged exposure to weather and moisture. If repaired or maintenanced on a scheduled basis most leaks or deterioration to interior structural supports and anchors can be eliminated.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. has completed many masonry restoration projects ranging from historical preservation to emergency repairs. Examples of the wide array of repair techniques are listed below:


  • Repoint historical mortar joints
  • Rebuild deteriorated masonry with matching brick
  • Install restoration anchors (masonry ties)
  • Replace crumbling or spalled brick with matching brick


  • Repoint deteriorated or water damaged mortar joints
  • Repair masonry cracks
  • Remove & rebuild sections of masonry wall
  • Install new masonry anchors as wall ties
  • Rebuild vertical control joints
  • Apply water repellents or waterproof coatings to masonry

Understanding the fundamentals of masonry construction is a major attribute of the Schnell Contractors, Inc. experience. Our ability to understand the properties of mortar and our ability to match and create a replica of mix design sets us apart from other restoration contractors.

When you need masonry restoration or a restoration contractor, please contact Schnell Contractors, Inc.  You can count on us for professional service from start to finish on all types of masonry repair or preservation.