Post Tension Repair

Post tension (PT) tendon systems are primarily used for large slab construction projects. Since the early 1950’s, post tension tendons have been used in the design of concrete structures. The use of post tension tendons allows the engineer to design for larger slab construction spans typically used in parking structures or high rise condominium construction. Once compromised, the structural weakening that can occur from loss of post tension tendons can be catastrophic. Schnell Contractors, Inc. has certified personnel capable of assessing individual post tension deficiencies, and designing a method of repair. Schnell Contractors, Inc. personnel are certified through The Post Tensioning Institute.

Parking garages tend to be at the highest risk for post tension tendon deterioration. Since most parking structures today are designed using post tensioning techniques, the need for maintenance and repair is, critical to maintain a structurally sound garage.

With Schnell Contractors, Inc’s experience and training, we have the capabilities to implement a design and repair analysis for most post tension deficiencies. For such critical structural element, the repair should only be completed using a certified, experienced repair contractor.