Joint Sealants

Joint sealant technology has greatly changed over the past 50 years and so have the installation requirements. So many building structures built in the past few decades rely heavily on joint sealants to protect the structure from water intrusion and the effects of moisture on structural elements.

Choosing a contractor that is knowledgeable in both the chemical design of the material as well as the dynamics of adequate joint design is the key to a successful installation. Schnell Contractors, Inc. employees are specifically trained on joint sealant techniques and installations.

Joint sealant installation accounts for only a small percentage of cost in constructing a new building, but is responsible for nearly 80% of leaks that occur. At Schnell Contractors, Inc. we understand this and try to educate the facility engineer, architect, or owner on correct sealant selection and joint design.

This is equally important on sealant retrofit projects where existing sealants are being removed and replaced with new ones. In most cases the existing material has failed due to age, improper installation, inadequate movement capabilities, or poor joint design.  Removal of the existing sealant which may be of a different chemistry than the new sealant being installed is the focal point of a remedial sealant project.  Accurately calculating joint movement and choosing a sealant that can withstand this movement and hold up to the environmental conditions is equally important.

At Schnell Contractors, Inc. we evaluate each sealant remediation project with these objectives in mind. In some cases a full scale, on site mock-up is installed to assure proper design and performance.

When you need joint sealant work, please contact Schnell Contractors, Inc.  You can count on us for professional service from start to finish on all types of joint sealant projects.