Stone Restoration

Schnell Contractors, Inc. is experienced in all aspects of stone restoration and stone repair. Well known stone types such as Indiana Limestone or sandstone have been and are still used by architectural designers today. Over the past 100 years natural stone has proved its ability to resist the forces of environmental conditions. Stone has been used for entire building facades as well as decorative elements within an architectural design.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. has completed many restoration projects involving the restoration of limestone and sandstone buildings using the following techniques.

  • Dutchman patch of deteriorated stone areas
  • Patch natural stone with approved patch materials
  • Remove and replace stone units or decorative stone elements
  • Remove and reset of existing stone units
  • Rebuild stone facades and parapets
  • Repoint stone facades
  • Resurface exfoliated surfaces
  • Clean stone surfaces

Natural stone restoration can be very demanding and present a wide variety of challenges for the restoration contractor, especially in dealing with historically significant buildings. These projects generally require an experienced restoration contractor well trained in dealing with stone construction and its construction details, both new and existing.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. has the necessary experience and architectural knowledge to fulfill these requirements for restoring historical as well as non-historical structures.

When you need stone restoration, please contact Schnell Contractors, Inc. You can count on us for professional service from start to finish on all types of stone restoration and repair.