Concrete Repair

The concrete repair industry has experienced an ever increasing demand for maintenance of concrete structures.  This demand has driven the need to  develop new technology to both economically and functionally repair concrete structures

Schnell Contractors, Inc. is one of the leading contractors in all aspects of concrete repair and concrete restoration.  Our experience and expertise in a wide range of services gives Schnell Contractors, Inc. an edge in completing all types of concrete repair projects from maintenance repairs to highly specialized items such as cathodic protection or carbon fiber reinforcement including:

Schnell Contractors, Inc. is proud to be recognized as a leader in the concrete repair industry and well as a quality contractor to structural engineers and consultants specializing in concrete repair and concrete rehabilitation.

When you need concrete repair, please contact Schnell Contractors, Inc. You can count on us for professional service from start to finish on all types of concrete repair and concrete restoration projects.