Seismic Expansion Joints

Combining aesthetics, durability and long term performance is the key to successful installation of interior architectural expansion joints as well as seismic joints.Schnell Contractors, a certified installing contractor for several manufacturers of expansion joint systems.These engineered systems include features that are ADA compliant,fire rated,transitional,and capable of heavy load designs thermal, seismic, and wind-sway movement.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. can provide the necessary engineering, estimating, and installation support for a wide variety of architectural joint systems. Such installations include:

  • Architectural expansion joints
  • Interior floor expansion joints for tile, terrazzo, or carpeted surfaces
  • Expanding foam joints with impregnated silicone surface
  • ADA compliant grating and cover plates
  • Fire rated joint systems
  • Seismic joint systems

At Schnell Contractors, Inc. we feel each architectural expansion joint system is unique and requires individual design attention. We can assist the project architect to assure a quality long-lasting installation.

We work closely with industry proven manufacturers that have a Certified Contractor program and a technical support team to assist and engineer complex installations. Support for joint gap settings, temperature adjustment tables, product installation limits, service conditions, and specific expansion joint design are necessary for successful installations.