Plaza Decks and Terraces

Plaza decks typically consist of a concrete structural deck, waterproofing membrane, insulation, and pavers or topping slab systems. Once the waterproofing membrane has been installed, a 60 psi insulation board is installed. This gives a stable base onto which the pedestals and pavers can be installed. The architectural pavers are set on rubber tabs or pedestals that can be specified in a variety of colors and finishes. The use of insulation and pedestals reduces the overall weight of the system versus the older topping slab approach. It also provides insulation for a conditioned space below (roughly R-IO).

Schnell Contractors, Inc. can assist in the design and installation of your next terrace or plaza deck project. This deck is something you will enjoy for years, so make sure you get the best.

The waterproofing component of this system is the single most important phase since generally these systems are installed directly over occupied space or spaces intolerable to water infiltration. Several system types are available and are effective means of long term waterproofing.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. is a licensed authorized installer of all major industry waterproofing systems, including:

  • Hot asphalt rubberized systems
  • PVC- heat welded systems
  • Cold applied membranes
  • Bentonite composite
  • Self-adhering membranes.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. can assist the design architect with selecting the most effective system for the design purpose. Schnell Contractors, Inc, utilizes a unique water testing technology incorporating low voltage current to detect membrane anomalies prior to placement of pavers or topping slab.

Contact Schnell Contractors, Inc. to assist in the design or installation of terrace waterproofing projects.