Galvanic Anode Protection

Galvanic anodes are used for the protection of reinforcing steel in concrete. This protection system utilizes sacrificial anodes that naturally generate an electrical current to mitigate corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Zinc has a lower potential than steel, so the galvanic anode provides the current to inhibit the corrosion of steel in concrete. Galvanic cathodic protection systems, which use sacrificial anodes, have recognized advantages of simplicity and reliability. These systems require no extensive wiring or conduit, and no power supplies. Their inherent simplicity greatly reduces the need for ongoing monitoring and maintenance in concrete structures.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. can perform design/ build systems utilizing low voltage cathodic protection for protection from concrete corrosion. Schnell Contractors, Inc. specializes in the installation and design of galvanic protection systems including:

  • Embedded anodes
  • Impressed current cathodic protection

Schnell Contractors, Inc. works in conjunction with a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant technology. Many facilities that have been completed by SCI over the past 20 years now contain galvanic protection. Not all conditions require this type of protection, so contact Schnell Contractors, Inc, for a recommendation based on your structure and its current corrosion state. We offer a condition survey service to recommend the most cost effective repair for your facility based on your needs and budget.