Below Grade Waterproofing

Waterproofing, typically below grade is critical to the water tightness of the below grade portion of a facility. Since this work is performed early in the project when the foundation structures are completed, it is imperative that it be installed correctly and in a timely fashion. A critical part of each construction project is the initial foundation work.

Scheduling a below grade installation is critical to the project schedule. Schnell Contractors, Inc. offers several different types of waterproofing to fit the needs of the project and its conditions. Hot applied, sheet applied, fluid applied and bentonite systems are just some of the common products used to stop the intrusion of water into a below grade structure. When dealing with water intrusion and hydrostatic pressure a correct and complete installation is imperative to ensure the structure remains watertight for years to come.

Schnell Contractors, Inc. can offer design services and can assist the designer in proper system selection. Whether the project demands vertical wall waterproofing or horizontal under slab waterproofing, Schnell Contractors, Inc. has the expertise to successfully install a system that can meet or exceed most warranty requirements.